Our Top Migraine Hacks

  Managing migraine is as much art as it is science, and it's not all about medication. Different things work for different people though - for example, some people are helped by heat, while others are helped by cold. Figuring out what helps you is just a matter of trying them all and seeing what works best. We asked the Migraine Australia Chat Group to tell us about their top tips or 'hacks' to manage attacks: here's the top 20.  Continue reading

Worried about COVID-19 and your migraine?

These are very anxious times, and that’s really not helpful if stress and anxiety is a migraine trigger for you. The best advice we have for you is keep calm, and keep taking your medication.  Continue reading

Triptans over the counter... not just yet.

The TGA have announced that triptans have been downscheduled so they can be sold in small packs over the counter at your local pharmacy without a prescription from 1 February 2021. While it is legal from February, it will be about another 3-6 months before the product is actually in your local pharmacy. Continue reading

Top 30 things I wish I knew…

Our new year’s resolution is to empower people with migraine to take control of their migraine journey. Talk to anyone who has lived with migraine for a long time and they’ll have a list of things they wish they were told when they were first diagnosed. We’ve compiled our top 30 here, as voted by the Migraine Australia Chat Group! Continue reading

Get your migraine-themed Christmas gear!

Christmas can be a challenging time for those who live with migraine. Take it on with good humour and positivity with our migraine-themed Christmas merchandise! Continue reading

Full Language Guide Released

Our full language guide has been released. Follow these simple guidelines to combat migraine stigma in your everyday language! Continue reading

Migraine Warrior Support Network officially launched today!

Migraine Australia is proud to officially launch the Migraine Warrior Support Network today! It's our goal to have a volunteer-driven support group in every part of the country so that all Australians living with migraine have easy access to peer support.   Continue reading