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Migraine Australia Support Groups

The Migraine Warriors Australia Support Group 

This is our largest support group. It is a national general chat group for all things migraine, moderated by Migraine Australia, for anyone living with migraine and their carers. This is a safe space, so we ask that only people with migraine or their families join the group.

Find the Migraine Warriors Australia Support Group

The Men with Migraine Support Group 

This is a support group for men living with migraine, moderated by Migraine Australia. This is a safe space, so we ask that only people who identify as male and live with migraine join the group.
You don't have to be Australian to join. You do have to identify as male.

Find the Men's Migraine Support Group

The Migraine Warrior Support Network 

The Migraine Warrior Support Network is our local support groups that meet online and in person around the country, providing peer support to the millions of Australians living with migraine. 

Our friendly and non-judgmental groups are the perfect places to ask for recommendations for migraine-friendly businesses, health professionals and other local issues. We also organise meet-ups and social activities to provide support and make new friends. This initiative was launched in December 2020. Unfortunately most of our groups are currently on pause, however please see:

The Perth Migraine Warrior Support Group  

If you are interested in a local group, please let us know in the main chat group, or at [email protected].

Even better, if you would like to volunteer to help start or moderate a group please sign up here