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Get Involved


Migraine Australia is by people with migraine, for people with migraine. Almost everything we do is volunteer-powered and there's plenty of ways you can be involved!

You can volunteer to be part of the Migraine Australia team! All kinds of people are welcome, whether you get involved in one of our working groups, or become an ambassador to support others living with migraine in your local area. 

Volunteer now

A really easy way to be involved, and benefit from some of the exclusive benefits and events, is by becoming a member of Migraine Australia. There are three different levels, the higher levels giving you a greater say in what we do. (Pro tip: all volunteers get a free membership at the moment!)

You can connect with us online:

Facebook groups: Migraine Warriors Australia Support Group, Men's Migraine Support Group, Warriors Support Groups

You can also show your support by buying our merchandise from Redbubble or making a donation!