Saying thanks this National Carers Week

Did you know that there are 2.65 million carers currently caring for a family member or friend? This week for National Carers Week (10-16 October), we're recognising and celebrating not just the carers we have at Migraine Australia, but all carers out there. We spoke to one of our volunteers, Kale who cares for his wife, Annie. They have been married for 11 years. Continue reading

How to avoid a trip to the Emergency Department

As both Sydney and Melbourne hospital systems come under strain, here’s some things you can try before going to emergency for help. Continue reading

Checking in this Liptember

September is Liptember – a month dedicated to raising funds and awareness for women’s mental health. With more than three million Australians living with migraine, 70 per cent of those are women – and we know a high number of migraine patients also live with a mental health disorder. Migraine Australia volunteer, Kellie, has been involved with Liptember since the beginning. After being hospitalised with post-natal depression, she understands the importance of raising awareness. Continue reading

Update 3 on COVID-19 Vaccines and Migraine

There have been a number of changes in the vaccine rollout and obviously, the Delta variant has changed the game a bit - because of this, we’ve decided to do a major update on COVID-19 vaccines and migraine. A number of things in this advice have been updated, please read it carefully.  Continue reading

Ajovy on the PBS!

Another hard-fought victory for the migraine community today as Health Minister Greg Hunt announces that Ajovy is being listed on the PBS from today!  Continue reading

Fighting to put more tools in the migraine tool box

Migraine Australia members voted for our priorities for 2021-2022 to be around improving medication access. We're going to do that, and we're not just limiting it to the new drugs in the pipeline.  Continue reading

Order your paper Census form now

The form is now up on the Census website to order a paper Census form. You need to do this to be able to write in migraine - and any other long term health conditions - if you do it online you can't.  Continue reading

Migraine deliberately excluded from the Census

Can you believe that migraine has been deliberately excluded from the Census? Migraine Australia is urging people who live with migraine to ‘Fix Question 28’ of next month’s Census, by asking for a paper Census form and writing in ‘Migraine’ on a new question about long term health conditions, and sign our petition demanding they be counted.  Continue reading

The Many Comorbidities of Migraine

Migraine has many comorbidities. When we speak about comorbidities and associated conditions of migraine, we are talking about 3 situations: When one condition makes it more likely to have another condition at the same time; e.g. migraine and depression. These are comorbid conditions. When one condition may be a risk factor for other conditions; e.g. migraine may be a risk for stroke. A condition that may contribute to the severity or frequency of migraine attacks; e.g. obesity may increase the risk of developing chronic migraine. Continue reading

Want to join our board?

Migraine Australia is a national patient advocacy organisation to support all Australians living with migraine and their families. We are the voice of migraine in Australia. We are entirely volunteer-run and led by people with a lived experience of migraine. Our board is an operational board as we currently have no staff, yet we do have an army of over 100 volunteers. Due to recent government project funding, and success in some of our core advocacy goals, we have decided to double the size of our board to develop a more sustainable long-term plan, as well as allow for more redundancy in our leadership team. Continue reading