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A language guide is a common tool used by many health advocacy organisations to help fight stigma and increase understanding of their condition by encouraging more accurate and respectful language. The language used by medical experts, the media, the public and stakeholders of our own community can greatly impact how people living with migraine are perceived and treated. 

Media Contact

Looking for a spokesperson to comment on a migraine story? Please contact founder Raphaella Kathryn Crosby at [email protected].

If you are looking for people with migraine to interview, please email what you would like to [email protected] and we will put a call out through our socials and email. 

Press Releases


August 1: Migraine Australia welcomes Ajovy on the PBS, looks to bring more migraine drugs to market

July 18: Migraine deliberately excluded from the Census

June 1: Migraine Awareness Month highlights the unique migraine journey

May 16: 18 new local support groups launched for Migraine Awareness Month

March 11: Migraine community furious at delay of PBS listings


December 4: Migraine Warrior Support Network officially launched today