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Migraine and stress are strongly linked. Relaxing can trigger a migraine attack, so too can anxiety, excitement, and any form of tension and shock. In most cases, this will be unavoidable, as we don’t ask other people to upset us. If there is something stressful in your life, whether it is work, or family, or anything else, try and deal with the problem as soon as possible so you can more effectively manage your migraine. There’s no point in ‘sucking it up’ and making yourself sick in the process.

Stress triggered migraine is particularly troublesome when dealing with migraine-related anxiety. People with migraine are often trying to regulate their lives, avoid triggers, and frequently lookout for the next attack’s first signs. Being ‘on guard’ like this all the time leads to anxiety. So, if anxiety is a trigger for you, it can lead to an endless cycle of migraine attacks and anxiety. Get help from a psychologist (you can get a mental health care plan from your GP to see a psychologist under Medicare). Acknowledge your anxiety for what it is – part of migraine, and have a plan to deal with it when the over-thinking and unreasonable fears start to creep in.

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