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Migraine Australia is run by our operational board. All our board members are volunteers who live with migraine. 


Usha Jenkins | Co-Chair and Assistant Treasurer

Usha attained a Bachelor of Business and worked in the banking sector before her migraine attacks made it impossible to continue employment. To date, she has not responded well to available treatment options and continues to live with frequent and debilitating migraine attacks.

Usha is our assistant treasurer, co-chairs the board and is an ambassador for Brisbane Migraine Warriors. Usha lives in Brisbane with her cat Priya.

Sarah Moseley | Co-Chair and Director of Engagement, Communications & Campaigns

Sarah is a graphic designer/marketing specialist. She has a background in advocacy for Autistics and their families spanning over 15yrs. Sarah has studied both graphic design/marketing and speech pathology/psychology at university.

She lives with multiple complex chronic health issues. Migraine attacks started for her during childhood and became chronic during pregnancy 17yrs ago. Sarah has also been diagnosed with hormonal migraine, daily persistent headache and icepick headache. Sarah hopes that her contributions to Migraine Australia will help raise awareness, provide support, and make a difference for all Australians living with migraine.

Sarah lives in Sydney with her fiancè and teenage son. She enjoys many creative hobbies and has three
spoiled rescue pets: Luffy, the calmest cat in the world, Spike, the lovable 60kg tank of a dog and Suko, a Wolf
Hound cross - the sweetest and snuggliest little whirlwind.

Jacqueline O'Brien | Director of Advocacy, Stakeholder Relations and Research 

Jacqueline has a Bachelor of Nursing and Diploma of Health Science and enjoyed a career in healthcare, where she was able to hone her skills in advocacy and people management. Jacqueline began her Migraine Australia journey in the Research Working Group, before becoming the Director of People, and now the Director of Advocacy and Stakeholder Relations.

Jacqueline’s migraine attacks transformed into chronic and intractable migraine in her early 20s. She also lives with migraine with unilateral motor symptoms (MUMS) causing her to complete neuro rehab twice. Unfortunately, Jacqueline has not responded to current preventative treatments available in Australia but hopes one day that a treatment will be found that will enable her to return to work.

Jacqueline lives in Melbourne with her husband and her Beagle, Jordie & Harrier x Blue-Tick Hound, Loki.

Katrina Szetey | Treasurer

Katrina began volunteering with Migraine Australia in 2020 as part of the Research Working Group but levelled up to the board to become treasurer due to her 15 years of experience in small business and not-for-profit finance.

She has lived with significant migraine since 2008, but this has not stopped her from undertaking a full-time PhD in sustainability science.

In her spare time, Katrina enjoys fibre-crafting, gardening and metal music. She lives in Melbourne with her partner and their two Burmese cats; Chrissy and Salome.



Kelli Allen | Director of Support Groups and People

Kelli started volunteering with Migraine Australia in 2020, initially to support the management of our social media channels and later as our Facebook administrator - putting to use her more than five years’ experience in running large Facebook groups. She joined the board as Director of Support in 2021.

She has a Graduate Diploma in Knowledge Management and is very passionate about social media. Her work as Director of Support involves ensuring that the Migraine Australia Facebook groups are a welcoming space, providing accurate and safe advice to members, as well as coordinating our Ambassador program.

Kelli has experienced migraine since she was a teenager. She lives with her husband and energetic seven-year-old daughter.



Alissa Gigliotti | Engagement Coordinator

Alissa is a video editor and graphic designer with a bachelor’s degree in digital media majoring in film. She worked in the design industry before her migraine attacks made it too overwhelming to continue employment.

Alissa began volunteering with Migraine Australia as a graphic designer and video editor in 2020. She lives with chronic Vestibular, Hemiplegic Migraine with Aura and visual snow syndrome. To date, she has not responded well to the available treatment options available to her, which is what motivates her to give her time contributing to Migraine Australia to help raise awareness and make a difference for people in Australia living with migraine.

Alissa lives in Sydney with her adorable cat, Nugget. She enjoys being a hobbyist photographer and playing video games.

Courtney Maxwell | Assistant Director of Support and Ambassador Coordinator

Courtney began volunteering for Migraine Australia in 2021 as an Ambassador for Melbourne Migraine Warriors Support Group. She has since expanded this role to include Ambassador Coordinator and Assistant Director of Support. The long pathway to diagnosis and the misinformation along the way prompted Courtney to volunteer for Migraine Australia and are areas she is passionate about.

Courtney is an Osteopath working in the inner and outer Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne, with an understandable clinical interest in headache and migraine. Courtney currently has episodic migraine, however, she has lived with debilitating chronic migraine for around 5 years. She also has Hemicrania Continua, a separate headache disorder.

Courtney's other interests include her puppy Sadie, walking, reading, baking and cooking, and she is currently pregnant with her first child.

Jan (Demarco) Behrendorff | Ambassador Coordinator

Jan began volunteering for Migraine Australia in 2020 as an Ambassador for the Fraser Coast Migraine Warriors Support Group and was part of the '151 faces of Migraine' campaign.

Jan's background is in managing small businesses, client services, and many years volunteering in executive roles for netball committees. Migraine with aura/hemiplegic migraine became chronic for Jan in 2002 after 5 very stressful years. Botox and now CGRP's have helped but migraine continues to have significant impact.

Jan's mission is to improve migraine awareness and understanding so that we can be diagnosed earlier, get the right treatments and have access to new drugs without delay while supporting each individual's journey. Gardening, sewing, travel and yoga are Jan's other interests although time with her family, friends and especially her grandchildren is her greatest pleasure.

Olivia Clark | Head Facebook Administrator - Migraine Australia Chat Group

Olivia has a Bachelor of Nursing and a Bachelor of Midwifery, is a practicing midwife and has a passion for empowering women to improve their health and wellbeing.

Olivia began volunteering with Migraine Australia as an administrator for the Facebook support group in 2021- bringing with her more than 5 years experience moderating large groups. She is focused on maintaining a safe and informative online platform for migraine sufferers to interact.

Olivia lives with Chronic Migraine and previously suffered with Cluster Headache. Additionally, she suffers with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis and POTS. She lives in Melbourne with her partner and two gorgeous Samoyeds, Enzo & Axel. Together they love camping, travel and four-wheel driving.

Flynn Mattner | Head Administrator - Men with Migraine Support Group and Brisbane Ambassador

Flynn began volunteering for Migraine Australia in late 2020. His main roles are as head admin for the Men with Migraine Facebook group and as a Brisbane ambassador.

Flynn began experiencing frequent migraine attacks around the age of two which then became intractable at age 11. Since starting Ajovy he now has some days where mild headache is his only symptom.

Outside of Migraine Australia Flynn is a self-employed artist. His business Comfort Cats provides him with flexible work that he can manage around his health. He has a love for all kinds of arts and crafts, but his cat-themed gift shop is best known for its heat packs, pottery, and artwork. Find him on Instagram @comfortcatsheatpacks


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