Managing Migraine - Migraine can't be cured, but we can manage it.

Migraine can’t be cured, but your doctor can help you manage your attacks so you get them less often and treat symptoms when they occur. Treatment can also help make the attacks you have less severe.

Your treatment plan may include a combination of:

  • lifestyle adjustments, including stress management, and identifying and avoiding your migraine triggers
  • over the counter pain or migraine medications, such as Nurofen or Panadol
  • prescription medications that you take to try and prevent attacks (Including the new CGRP medications)
  • prescription migraine medications that you take as soon as a headache starts, to keep it from becoming severe and to ease symptoms (triptans)
  • prescription medications to help with nausea or vomiting (antiemetics)
  • hormone therapy or hormonal contraception if migraine attacks seem to occur in relation to your menstrual cycle (read more on menstrual migraine)
  • counselling

You can also try a few things at home that may also help relieve the pain from your migraine attacks:

  • Lie down in a quiet, darkroom.
  • Place a cold cloth or icepack over your forehead or behind your neck.
  • Sleep
  • Drink water, sports drinks or Coke

Connect with others living with migraine in the Chat Group on Facebook for more ideas on simple things you can try. As we are all unique, you can only know what will work for you by trying it.

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