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Migraine Awareness Month 2022

Migraine Awareness Month (MAM) is a global event held in June each year. The aim is to raise awareness of migraine, reduce the stigma that migraine is 'just a headache' and promote a positive and empowering view of migraine and the migraine community.

During MAM, Migraine Australia hosts a major month-long campaign to help raise awareness in the community. This campaign coincides with other global events, such as Shades for Migraine. During the month of June, we share education, tips, support, insights and first-hand experiences. We also share interviews with Australians living with migraine and specialists from several migraine related fields.

Our theme for MAM2022 is ‘Out of the Dark’ #OOTD. This theme is a continuation of our most recent political campaign. With over 5 million Australians living with migrainewe feel that it is time for migraine to come out of the dark and be treated by the government, health care professionals, researchers and the broader community with the respect and importance it deserves.

#MAM2022 #OutOfTheDark #MigraineAus

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