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Migraine Ambassadors ad



Are you interested in playing a bigger role in advocating for migraine in the community?

Are you someone who lives with migraine or close to someone who is?

Help to raise awareness of migraine in Australia

Our Migraine Australia Ambassadors are passionate and dedicated volunteers who commit their time to sharing their experiences and help to elevate awareness for all things migraine.

Our Ambassadors also help facilitate the migraine community in their local area by hosting meet-ups so migraine warriors can connect with each other, make migraine friends and get peer support right where they live!

Feel like this is you? You can make a difference!

You don't need any special skills, but it helps if you are an experienced migraine warrior and are comfortable talking to new people. The only things you'll be asked to do is host a local meet-up once a month, help moderate a local Facebook support group, and share things on social media about migraine. Training will be provided for people who want to do more, like talk to journalists about migraine, or advocate to politicians. 

Join us to help raise awareness about the challenges we face living with migraine every day. Migraine Australia is looking for ambassadors of all ages and walks of life right across Australia.

To apply, just complete a volunteer application form!

We look forward to talking with you soon