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Working Groups and Teams

Group of volunteers


So you're interested in being a volunteer? Great!

Migraine Australia is completely powered by volunteers, organised into working groups and teams. These are the current working groups and teams and the kind of things they are working on, to help you decide what you would like to volunteer for. 

Each working group involves around 2-4 hours a week commitment, except for Facebook moderators who can do as little or as much as they like. 

Look below to see our current volunteer opportunities!

Don't see anything that quite suits you? That's ok, email [email protected] and discuss with our volunteer coordinators how you can bring your unique skills to the team. 

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This group looks after the administration and financial function of the organisation; including
managing membership, volunteers, fundraising, and keeping the books.

Desirable experience:

Anyone with experience in business or organisation management or finance is encouraged to volunteer for this
group. Experience in NationBuilder & Xero advantageous.

Admin Team

The admin work team is responsible for keeping the records and correspondence of the organisation straight, checking the email and directing inquiries to the right person, and keeping the google drive tidy. They also do all the agendas and minutes of our various meetings. 

Finance Team

Our able treasurers and their assistants are responsible for keeping the books, managing the bank accounts, and preparing financial reports. 

Fundraising Team

Our fundraising volunteers work on fundraising strategies and appeals, crowdfunding, merchandise and corporate partnerships. 

Membership Team

The membership team manage our membership records in our NationBuilder program, manage the Members Only Facebook Group, and work on coordinating our member-only events and opportunities. 

Volunteer Team

Our volunteer coordinators welcome every new volunteer, assess their skills and assign them to the right team, manage their records in NationBuilder, and organise and conduct volunteer training. 


This group works on all our communication and community engagement. This includes all our social media channels and groups, email and regular awareness activities.

Desirable experience:

Anyone with experience in marketing, communication, web or graphic design, or events management is encouraged to join this

Social Media Team

This team designs and schedules all our outgoing social media posts and content, and engagement on our public social media channels. 

Facebook Admin Team

This team is all our wonderful Facebook group moderators and admins, who work very hard at keeping our thriving groups safe and happy. 

Events Team

This team coordinates and manages the calendar for all our events, ensuring they are all listed on Facebook, the Website and elsewhere. They also help facilitate events working with the Volunteer, Members, and Ambassadors teams, and plan an important role in Migraine Awareness Month. 

Website team

This team manages our website, and are currently working on the new website on NationBuilder. Includes our graphic designers, editors, and others who are good at developing content to use across many platforms. 


This group works on designing a research agenda, are currently working on a white paper about migraine in Australia, and will begin the work on developing the Migraine Management and Action Plan (MiMAP). This group also does all the Government submissions and advocacy to get more support for migraine and our new medications on the PBS.

Desirable experience: 

People who have experience in medical and academic research, or working in campaigning, politics, or policy, are encouraged to join this working group.

Research Team

Our researchers are largely research students or academics and work on preparing research briefs and papers, awareness materials, and liaising with migraine researchers around the country. 

Advocacy Team

Our advocacy team manages all our government submissions and lobbying activity.

Stakeholder Relations Team

This team manages our relationships with drug companies, other health organisations, and other stakeholders.

MiMAP Project Team

The Migraine Management and Action Plan (MiMAP) project is one of our most important plans to dramatically change the way migraine is managed in this country. This team is developing and testing the plan.


This group oversees our support activities including our local support groups and targeted group support.

Desirable experience: 

People who have experience as Facebook moderators and/ or social media, or in health, social work or psychology, are encouraged to join this working group.

Ambassador Team

This team coordinates the activities of our ambassadors and local support groups. Read more about our Ambassador program.

Men With Migraine Team

This group moderates our Men with Migraine by Migraine Australia group on Facebook, and assists the organisation in alerting us to any issues men might be facing that require different support.

Migraine Family and Friends Team

This group moderates our Men with Migraine by Migraine Australia group on Facebook, and assists the organisation in alerting us to any issues men might be facing that require different support.

Workplace Team

This team focuses on making workplaces more migraine friendly; including looking at issues around people being fired because of migraine, and what we can do to support people with migraine staying in work.