Exercise Physiologist Emily Cordes

Emily Cordes is an exercise physiologist, yoga teacher and well-loved member of the migraine community from her @movementwithmigraine channel! Hear her migraine story in Thriving with Migraine. Continue reading

Special needs teacher and single mum Fiona McGaugan

Fiona is a single mum and works with kids with disabilities. Hear her migraine story.   Continue reading

Actress and vet student Natalie Chivers

Natalie Chivers is a former actress turned vet student who is thriving with migraine. Hear her migraine story! Continue reading

Quilting business owner Marni Franks

Marni Franks is a well known quilter and owner of Frankenstein's Fabrics. Hear her migraine story and how she is changing direction after 10 years of running a successful small business.    Continue reading

IT Project Manager Mel Bunting

Migraine Australia Ambassador Melanie (Mel) Bunting had a really hard time getting a diagnosis. Hear her migraine story and how she defines thriving with migraine as not working full time in her IT project manager work, but finding the right balance that allows her to stay well. #thrivingwithmigraine #mam2021 #yourmigraineyourway Continue reading

Kindy Teacher Sharon Vertigan

Sharon Vertigan is a kindy teacher in Dampier, Western Australia, and a Migraine Australia Ambassador. Hear her story of a lifetime managing brainstem migraine, and how her union work helped her be a stronger advocate for herself.  Continue reading

Journalist and Author Sophie Scott

ABC National Medical Report Sophie Scott is an award-winning journalist and author as well as a passionate advocate for patients. In this interview, she talks about her work, her advocacy for Bowel Cancer and Pain, and her own migraine journey.    Continue reading

Nominate someone who inspires you!

Is there someone living with migraine who inspires you? Nominate them for our Thriving With Migraine campaign! (Yes, you can nominate yourself!) Continue reading