Digital sociologist Dr Clare Southerton

Dr Clare Southerton is a digital sociologist at UNSW who researches the reach and influence of health information and misinformation online. Here she discusses her work, her migraine journey, and the ableism she experiences in academia. Continue reading

Sports Chaplain Kevin Bateman

Adelaide based Sports Chaplain Kevin Bateman talks about his work and his migraine journey. Continue reading

Yoga instructor Josephine Lau

Josephine Lau - @lovejosephineyoga - is an Ambassador for Migraine Australia in Sydney and inspires many with her yoga teaching and videos. Listen to her migraine story and her passion for yoga as a way to help manage - but not cure - migraine.  Continue reading

Business woman Charmaine Summers

Like many people with significant migraine Charmaine Summers had to quit her day job. She now runs a successful business from home called Yarnarama.  Continue reading

Former accountant Luke Paton

Former accountant Luke Paton tells his migraine story battling chronic migraine and new daily persistent headache for 11 years, but finds purpose in coaching soccer. Continue reading

Health Researcher Ben Harris-Roxas

Ben Harris-Roxas is a health services researcher at UNSW who thrives with migraine. Hear about his research on fixing the gaps in the health system as well as his migraine journey. Continue reading

Biographer Gabriella Kelly-Davies

Biographer Gabriella Kelly-Davies discusses her lifelong love of hearing and telling people's personal stories and her own migraine journey.  Continue reading

Editor Amanda Ingrassia

Amanda Ingrassia - @justbreathemia on Insta - is the editor in chief of the fantastic migraine magazine My Chronic Brain. Hear her personal migraine story and how the magazine started. Continue reading

Migraine Geneticist Distinguished Professor Lyn Griffiths

Distinguished Professor Lyn Griffiths at QUT is one of the world's leading migraine genetics researchers. Hear her migraine story and how it was her son's early development of migraine attacks that led her to do the first study on migraine genetics.  Continue reading

Midwifery lecturer Annabel Baynie

Lecturer in Midwifery Annabel Baynie relies on a strong support network and great doctors to manage her migraine and achieve her goal of gaining an academic position. Continue reading