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Nominate someone who inspires you!

Is there someone living with migraine who inspires you? Nominate them for our Thriving With Migraine campaign! (Yes, you can nominate yourself!)

There are many amazing people doing amazing things living with migraine. Some of them are celebrities or sports stars, others are business leaders or politicians, and others are just people you know and love who are doing something inspiring. The key thing is they've managed to do it despite living with migraine. 

Last year the 151 Faces of Migraine showed how awful migraine can be and how it can destroy lives. Thriving with Migraine is like the flipside to that, showing that people with migraine are resilient, creative, hardworking, and making great contributions to every part of our world despite our condition getting little support or understanding. 

Nominate someone who inspires you that you know lives with migraine! It can be yourself, someone you know, or someone famous you don't know but would like us to interview!

We'll get in touch with them and do a short interview with them to talk about their life and work, and how they manage their migraine, which we will upload here and across our socials during Migraine Awareness Month. 

Just fill in this form to nominate someone today:

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