Interictal Neuropsychological Functioning in People with Migraine

If you are female, are between the ages of 18-69 and are eligible to participate as a ‘healthy control’ participant without migraine, La Trobe University is inviting you to participate in their study. (Please note, they have received the maximum number of participants for those that do have migraine.)    Continue reading

Invalidation and Health Outcomes Research at RMIT University

If you are over 18 years old and have an ongoing chronic illness, physical injury or non-communicable disease that hasbeen experienced for at least 3 months (with or without chronic pain), RMIT University would like you to participate in their study. Continue reading

Aura research at Swinburne University

If you are 18 or older and have ever experienced migraine, Swinburne University's Centre for Mental Health would like you to participate in their research. Continue reading

Vestibular Migraine Treatment Survey

Dr Ron Granot is a neurologist in Sydney who understands that not only living with migraine can be tough but also living with a vestibular condition can be debilitating for some. You can take part in his research on Vestibular Migraine.  Continue reading

Interview with Professor Paul Rolan

Professor Paul Rolan is a clinical pharmacologist, drug developer and pain management physician and researcher based at the University of Adelaide. I was fortunate enough to have a chat with him in the lead up to Migraine Awareness Month about how his work intersects with migraine. Professor Rolan’s website is   Continue reading

Perceptions of Migraine Survey

The Perceptions of Migraine survey is a study by Migraine Australia to find out how much people know and understand about the basics of migraine. In particular, we're looking to compare the perceptions of those who live with migraine against those who don't live with migraine.  Click here to take the Perceptions of Migraine survey  Continue reading

Cannabis use may increase risk of Medication Overuse Headache (MOH)

New research has found that patients with chronic migraine who use cannabis to help manage their pain are six times more likely to develop medication overuse headache (MOH). Continue reading

Volunteers wanted for menstrual migraine clinical trial

Women from across Australia (aged between 18 to 50) who suffer from menstrual migraine are invited to participate in a clinical trial to investigate whether a nutritional supplement (resveratrol) can prevent menstrual migraine. Participation for this clinical trial will be online and by mail. You will not be required to attend the research centre. Participants who are eligible for the trial will be sent supplement capsules to take daily for six menstrual cycles. For further information, including eligibility, please contact Ms Jemima Dzator at the University of Newcastle by emailing [email protected] or phoning (02) 4921 8616. Enrolment closes on the 30th of November 2020

Stigma Survey: Migraine stigma affects 94% of people living with migraine

Results of our recent survey on the stigma of migraine have found that only 6% of people living with migraine do not feel affected by the ‘just a headache’ myth and other stigma of migraine. Continue reading