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Perceptions of Migraine Survey

The Perceptions of Migraine survey is a study by Migraine Australia to find out how much people know and understand about the basics of migraine. In particular, we're looking to compare the perceptions of those who live with migraine against those who don't live with migraine. 

Click here to take the Perceptions of Migraine survey 

The purpose of this survey is to find out what people think and understand about migraine, and in particular, compare the perceptions of those who do not experience migraine with the perceptions of people who do live with migraine. 

Any Australian can participate in this survey. Your name and email are not required to participate. 

This survey will take about 10-12 minutes to complete and you will be asked very simple questions to gauge what you know about migraine and its symptoms and the kinds of people who are affected by migraine. 

Here's the link to the survey

Migraine Australia is the only patient body for Australians living with migraine. We conduct surveys such as this to support our goals of improving the lives and wellbeing of all Australians living with migraine. 

It is our intention to use the information gathered in this survey to help design awareness and information materials. The results will be published on our website. We may also use some of the results in our advocacy with Government and other organisations. 

Additionally, de-identified data or results may be shared with academic researchers to assist them with their research on migraine, perception and stigma.

If you have any questions or concerns about this survey please email [email protected]

Please share the survey with your friends and family!


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