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State of Shades Competition

State against State - Warrior against Warrior! Take part in the inaugural State of Shades competition!

This year as part of the annual Shades for Migraine event on June 21, Migraine Australia is giving you the chance to win!

Up for grabs is a Shades for Migraine or Migraine Australia t-shirt, the chance to have a major in-person event of Migraine Awareness Month 2022 hosted in your state, and most importantly, bragging rights!

What is it?

Think of it like a photo scavenger hunt. You take photos of people wearing sunglasses (shades) for migraine awareness and post them to your social media accounts between June 15 and June 25, 2021. For each photo you post with the four hashtags, #shadesformigraine #mam2021 #stateofshades, and your state as a hashtag - eg #qld or #tas - you get points. 

Each photo scores a base score of 20 points. Get more points for challenge photos, such as shades at a major landmark or being worn by someone in uniform. See the full list of challenge points. 

You can also get combo points for achieving multiple challenges in the one photo! For example: shades on a police officer standing on one leg in a supermarket will score you a total 1190 points!

Base score - Shades 20
Police officer challenge 100
Standing on one leg challenge 50
In a supermarket challenge 20
Combo bonus! 1000
Total 1190

The individual with the most points will crowned the State of Shades Champion and rewarded with a Shades for Migraine T-Shirt from our friends at the Association of Migraine Disorders, or a Migraine Australia t-shirt of their choice. 

The state that gets the most points will get to host a major in-person event (COVID-19 permitting) in their state as part of next year's Migraine Awareness Month!

How do I get involved?

It's easy!

  1. Complete the entry form
  2. Take your photos
  3. Post them to social media with the three hashtags #shadesformigraine #mam2021 #stateofshades and your state as a hashtag - #nsw #qld #vic #tas #sa #wa #nt or #act.

That's it!

If you're not feeling well or are in lockdown, you can ask others to post photos for you. For example, a photo of any politician or celebrity wearing shades will get 500 points! You can ask them to post a shades photo to their own account and as long as they include the four competition hashtags #shadesformigraine #mam2021 #stateofshades, as well as the state they are competing for - eg #nsw - and you'll earn your state some much-needed points without leaving the house! 

When will the winners be announced?

We expect that winners will be announced on June 30, however, we haven't done this before so if it turns out to be harder to tally points than we expect, we'll announce the winner as soon as we can in July. 

Enter now!