State of Shades Entry Form

Enter here to take part in the State Of Shades competition! Individual points will only be counted for those who complete this form. 

Please read these rules of the competition:

  1. You must complete the entry form on the Migraine Australia website to officially enter the competition.
  2. The competition period is June 15 to June 25, 2021.
  3. Points will be awarded for sharing photos to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram only.
  4. Photos must be shared as public posts (that is, viewable by anyone, not locked in a private account, group, or shared to friends only), and not temporary posts such as stories or fleets. You are encouraged to share your photos to private audiences and to stories, but we won't be able to add up the points for them. 
  5. Points will only be awarded if your post includes the hashtag #stateofshades. To ensure we don't miss any photos and correctly apportion your points to your state, please use all four #shadesformigraine #mam2021 #stateshades and your state as a hashtag - #qld #nsw #vic #tas #sa #wa #nt #act
  6. All qualifying photos will get a base of 20 points.
  7. Additional points can be earned by getting any of the challenge photos detailed on
  8. If you share the same photo on different platforms it will count as separate postings and you will get points for the photo on each platform.
  9. Photos posted by celebrities, politicians or others who have not entered the competition themselves will count towards the state totals if they include their state in their post as a hashtag (e.g. #nsw) and all three event hashtags #shadesformigraine #mam2021 #stateshades.
  10. Points will only be awarded to the first share of a photo on that platform. Reposting or retweeting a photo on the same platform will not get you more points.
  11. Nearly identical photos (same people, same place, doing the same thing) will not be counted, only the first of the series will count.
  12. Points will be tallied once a day.
  13. Judges' decisions on points to be awarded for a photo and the winners are final and discussion will not be entered into.
  14. Entrants can be disqualified for:
    1. Posting inappropriate photos, for example, anything pornographic, depicting nudity, violence, racism, sexism or including offensive language.
    2. Posting photos or accompanying messages that are trying to sell products to the migraine community.
    3. Any other offence for which the judges deem disqualification appropriate.
  15. The individual with the most points will win a Shades for Migraine or Migraine Australia t-shirt.
  16. The state that gathers the most points across the entire competition will be the preferred location for a conference or similar major event to be held during Migraine Awareness Month 2022.
  17. Migraine Australia is not responsible for the actions or behaviour of any individual entering the competition. 

Have you read the rules and understand what is involved in the competition?

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