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State of Shades Points Tables

Here are the full list of points you can get for your State of Shades photos!

Any photo of someone wearing sunglasses score a base 20 points. If your photo contains any of the below, add these bonus points. So a photo of a person wearing shades at the Big Banana scores a total of 520 points. 

Have more than one challenge in the one photo and you get the points for each challenge, plus the combo bonus points. So for example, a photo of someone with white-grey hair wearing shades, while wearing a facemask, at a COVID-19 vaccination centre scores you 20 + 100 + 500 + 2000 + 1000 = 3620 points! 

Please try and make the place or thing you are doing obvious in the photo, like for example capturing the sign in the photo or ensuring there's enough background so we can see where you are.

Please don't do anything illegal or dangerous to get the photos, and remember to give clear descriptions in your post of what it is a photo of to make it easy for our volunteer judges to give you the right points. Good luck! 

Place Challenges


Shades at a COVID-19 Vaccination centre 2000
Shades at a COVID-19 Testing centre 1000
Shades at any major landmark (eg Opera House, Uluru) 1000
Shades at any 'big' thing (e.g. Big Banana) 500
Shades at any recognisable landmark 500
Shades on or near a fire truck 250
Shades in or near an ambulance 250
Shades at a mine site 250
Shades standing on top of a building 250
Shades in a paddock with livestock 150
Shades in the middle of a crop 150
Shades on a tractor 150
Shades underwater 100
Shades at any Parliament House 100
Shades in or near a plane 100
Shades in a museum or art gallery 100
Shades at a lookout 100
Shades in or near a boat 100
Shades in a hospital or medical clinic 50
Shades at Local Council 50
Shades at a police station 50
Shades in a taxi or uber 50
Shades in a forest 50
Shades in a library 50
Shades in a hardware store 50
Shades in a fast food restaurant 50
Shades in a pub 50
Shades at the beach or swimming pool 20
Shades at school or uni 20
Shades in a supermarket 20
Shades in an elevator 20
Shades on a bus 20
Shades on a train 20
Shades at the dog park 20


People challenges


Shades on an entire class, team, or office (at least 10 people) 1000
Shades on different generations in one photo (child, parent, grandparent) 500
Shades on any politician or celebrity 500
Shades on any flight crew 250
Shades on a bus driver at the wheel of their bus 250
Shades on more than 5 people in one photo 200
Shades on a police officer 100
Shades on a firefighter 100
Shades on any tradie in high vis wear 100
Shades on medical staff 100
Shades on a paramedic 100
Shades on anyone with white-grey hair 100
Shades on a taxi or uber driver 50
Shades on a lifeguard 50
Shades on a teacher 50
Shades on anyone wearing a name badge 50
Shades on pets 20
Shades on kids 20


Action challenges


Shades while wearing a face mask 500
Shades in a hospital bed 500
Shades while donating blood or getting a blood test 500
Shades while playing a team sport 250
Shades while wearing a migraine awareness or Migraine Australia t-shirt 250
Shades in or outside the Emergency Department 250
Shades while at the wheel of a car (don't take a photo of yourself while driving please) 100
Shades while dancing 100
Shades in a hospital waiting room 100
Shades while working 100
Shades while wearing a t-shirt for another cause 100
Shades while exercising 50
Shades while eating cake 50
Shades while standing on one leg 50
Shades while pushing a shopping trolley 50
Shades while sleeping or in bed 50
Shades while wearing a uniform 50
Shades while walking the dog 50
Shades while doing any kind of craft (sewing, knitting etc) 50
Shades while doing laundry 20
Shades while cleaning the house 20
Shades while cooking 20
Shades while drinking coffee 20


Combo bonuses!


Combine one place, one people, and one action challenge in the one photo 1000
Combine two of the same challenge in the same photo 750
Combine any two challenges in the same photo 500