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Migraine Australia: Under new management!

A new board is in place and we're working towards a brighter future for Migraine Australia.

In case you missed it, the former board attempted to wind up Migraine Australia but were blocked by members who voted against the proposal. Following the resignation of the former board, a new interim board is in place, including long standing volunteers Jan Behrendorff and Alex Delaney, and I'm coming back to help provide some stability and corporate knowledge. You can read more about us here. 

Unfortunately, there has been a lot of damage to company records, and we’ve lost control of a few social accounts and other things during this series of events. We are slowly making our way through a pretty grueling process to reclaim all of the company’s spaces and sites, including all the support groups that we know you want back up and running. 

This process is speeding up considerably now that ASIC (the government body that regulates companies) has updated their records to post our names as the directors of the Migraine Australia, effective from January 14, 2024.

However, we have not yet got access to the Facebook Page or been able to get the Facebook support groups back up and running. We’re still working on it, but we have started a new national Migraine Warrior Support Group which you can join here: 

We want to have a big meeting soon, but we need to sort out the member list before we do that - and given hundreds of people have been deleted, including Foundation Members and active volunteers, that may take a while. We're not taking new members while we sort it out, but join the email list (at the bottom of the page) to get sent an invitation to join or renew your membership soon. 

We're also not using the volunteer or donation features on this website until we complete an audit of the finances. You can still join the email list, but please use the below links to volunteer or donate:

If you'd like to nominate for the board, the advisory committee, or other leadership roles within Migraine Australia, please use this form

If you'd like to volunteer, or continue as a volunteer, please use this form

And you can donate here 

Please be patient with us, and rest assured we will keep you updated as much as we can as things progress. 



RK Crosby

Founder and Chair, Migraine Australia




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