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Interictal Neuropsychological Functioning in People with Migraine

If you are female, are between the ages of 18-69 and are eligible to participate as a ‘healthy control’ participant without migraine, La Trobe University is inviting you to participate in their study. (Please note, they have received the maximum number of participants for those that do have migraine.) 


You are invited to participate in a study looking at some of the cognitive difficulties (e.g. speed of thinking, problem-solving skills, memory, etc.), that people living with migraine may experience interictally (i.e. outside of migraine attacks, in their everyday life).  

As part of this research project, we would like to investigate the neuropsychological effects of migraine. In other words, we aim to identify specific areas of thinking that are the most affected by migraine, while also looking at other factors which could be influencing these thinking skills (such as mood and medication).

The research is being carried out in partial fulfilment of PhD under the supervision of Professor Simon Crowe. The following researchers from the School of Psychology and Public Health (SPPH) at La Trobe.

For more information or to participate, visit

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