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Illuminating Landmarks for Migraine Awareness Month: Join the Purple Movement

Migraine Awareness Month (MAM) is fast approaching, and Migraine Australia is spearheading a powerful campaign to raise awareness about migraines. As part of their efforts, they are urging landmarks across Australia to light up in purple, the color symbolizing migraine awareness. 

By illuminating buildings, sculptures, bridges, and other landmarks, we can show our support for the millions of Australians living with migraines. Let's explore the significance of this initiative and the landmarks that have already pledged their support.

Why Purple?

Purple represents hope, awareness, and solidarity with those living with migraines. By lighting up landmarks in purple, we visually demonstrate our support, promote dialogue, and encourage action towards better recognition and treatment of migraines.

Landmarks Lighting Up for Migraine Awareness:

Migraine Australia, in collaboration with Migraine & Headache Australia, has reached out to various councils, businesses, and venues across the country, urging them to participate in the campaign. 

Throughout the month of June, numerous landmarks across Australia will be joining the purple movement. Here are some of the landmarks that have already pledged their support:

  • The Big Banana, Coffs Harbour
  • Goulburn Soldiers Club, Goulburn
  • M8 St Peters Interchange, NSW
  • Longreach Council Water Tower, Longreach
  • Singing Ship Emu Park, QLD
  • Wreck Point Lookout, Yeppoon
  • Yeppoon Foreshore Stage, Yeppoon
  • Reddacliff Place Steam Sculptures, Brisbane
  • Story Bridge, Brisbane
  • Victoria Bridge, Brisbane
  • Kurilpa Bridge, QLD
  • Brisbane City Hall, Brisbane
  • Adelaide Oval, Adelaide
  • Geelong Catenary Lights, Geelong
  • AAMI Park, Melbourne
  • Bolte Bridge, Melbourne
  • Citylink Sound Tube, Melbourne
  • Council House, Perth
  • Trafalgar Bridge, Perth
  • Parliament House, Adelaide
  • McDowall St Bottle Trees, Roma

How You Can Support the Campaign:

  1. Spread the Word: Share the initiative on social media, encourage your friends, family, and local communities to participate, and raise awareness about the importance of lighting up landmarks in purple.
  2. Contact Landmarks in Your Region: Use the template letter provided by Migraine Australia to reach out to local councils, businesses, and venues. Encourage them to join the campaign and light up their structures in support of Migraine Awareness Month.
  3. Capture and Share: Take a photo of yourself wearing sunglasses with a lit-up landmark near you. This represents the "Shades for Migraine" campaign and helps raise awareness not only during Migraine Awareness Month but also in the future.

Migraine Awareness Month provides a unique opportunity to rally together and support the millions of Australians affected by migraines. By lighting up landmarks in purple and participating in Shades for Migraine, we can make a visible impact and promote understanding and break the stigma surrounding migraines. 

Join the campaign, contact local landmarks, and let's illuminate the nation in purple to support Migraine Awareness Month.

#MAM2023 #OutOfTheDark #MigraineAus #ShadesForMigraine


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