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Dr Raphaella Kathryn Crosby | Founder, Chair

Raphaella Kathryn (RK) is a political consultant and researcher specialising in voter behaviour, with experience in establishing NFP and member-based organisations. 

She lives with hemiplegic migraine, migraine with brainstem aura, and migraine aura without headache. She is a super-responder to the new CGRP medications which has allowed her to recently return to consulting after a decade of being sidelined by migraine. 

RK was the chair of the organising committee and behind the original “No Aimovig, No Vote” petition that led to the creation of Migraine Australia. She has recently stepped back from running the organisation in order to focus on awareness campaigns and Migraine Awareness Month. RK currently lives on the Gold Coast with her beloved German shorthaired pointer Brynnie.