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Order your paper Census form now

The form is now up on the Census website to order a paper Census form. You need to do this to be able to write in migraine - and any other long term health conditions - if you do it online you can't. 

To order a paper form:

1. Go to

2. Fill out the form with your details. You will need to provide a mobile number to get a one-time pin to do this. 

3. When you get to the question asking "What is your main reason for wanting a paper form" click 'Other' and write in 'To fix Question 28'

4. Your paper form will now be sent to you. 

If you have trouble with the online form, you can also call the 24-hour automated paper form request service on 1800 130 250. You will need your 16-digit Census number from the Census letter the ABS is sending to every household to do this.

Be sure to fill in your Census form and write in all your long-term health conditions on Question 28. Return your census for the in the reply paid envelope provided. 

Please encourage others to do the same, and to sign this petition! Thanks for all your help! 

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