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MAM22 Interview - Migraine and Osteopathy

Migraine and Osteopathy 
- with a Migraine Australia Migraine Warrior

Sarah, our Director of Engagement, Communications and Campaigns, interviews a Migraine Australia Migraine Warrior about their experience with Osteopathy for the management of migraine. 

Which subtype of migraine have been diagnosed with and how did you get to your diagnosis?

I have been diagnosed with episodic Migraine with Aura.

You have an Osteopath as part of your migraine care team. When did they become part of your team and why? 

Over the years I have tried GPs, Physios, Chiropractors, and Myotherapists. Osteopathy was the final one I came across that has started to make a real difference.

How often do you see your Osteopath?

Depends if I have had a migraine attack then more frequently, but on average once a month up to every 6 weeks.

What does an average session with your Osteo look like?

I usually start with a description of how things have been feeling since the last session. Then I receive treatment for any new aches or pains, receive advice on exercises to alleviate that pain, and mostly we work on the nervous system.

Tell me about the relief you experience after a session.

I always walk out feeling much more at ease and calmer from the nervous system treatment. Sometimes, I can feel tender the next day, but it depends on the treatment type. Generally, those post-session aches and pains subside very quickly.

What about the long term? Do you feel it has made a measurable impact on your average migraine attack frequency, severity or length?

I used to experience intermittent attacks quite frequently, two or three times a month. Myotherapy and Chiropractor treatments did reduce that, but I had to keep up with regular sessions. With Osteo and Myotherapy, I have had two attacks in 2022, one in 2021, and none in 2020.

Have you experienced any negative side effects from Osteo?

No, I haven't experienced any negative side effects.

Would you recommend adding an Osteopath to your migraine care team to others living with migraine?

Yes, I actively recommend Osteopathy to colleagues and friends. It has helped me manage and cope better. I don't feel so dysfunctional anymore.


Migraine Australia would like to take this opportunity to thank our participant for his time and for helping us bring migraine #OutOfTheDark

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