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Meet the Burples

Burples are small, purple and burgundy creatures that live in dark spaces and have to wear sunglasses all the time because they don't like sunlight. 

Just like people who live with migraine, most of whom are also not fans of bright light, each Burple is unique, but most of them are pretty shy and you have to get to know them before they reveal their true personalities. 

The Burples, understandably, thought Burple Day was about them! But when we explained that the day was about asking people to wear burgundy or purple in support of the five million people that live with migraine, they agreed to help us raise awareness of migraine during Migraine Awareness Month and celebrate Burple Day - which is the first Friday in June - with us, because they live with migraine too. 

Bindi the Burple

Bindi was the first Burple to make contact with humans. She is always the star of the show so of course she thought Burple Day was about her, and got in touch with Migraine Australia because she wanted to make sure her makeup and lighting was just perfect on the day. 

Bindi is considered by her friends to be a real princess who loves nothing more than getting her nails done and always looking her very best. She is the Burple who wears the prettiest sunglasses and will often have her nails done in burgundy and purple shades, and is a big believer in the need pamper yourself.

"It's all about balance. If migraine makes me feel bad, then I do something nice for myself so I feel good."

By her own admission, she is a Burple who likes and enjoys the finer things in life but often can’t enjoy them as much as she likes, especially when she has a migraine attack. 

Bennie the Burple

Bennie is a rock star burple who has spiky hair and loves a party. No way he was missing out on Burple Day.

He can be a bit bossy, and likes to get things right. But he cares deeply both about other Burples and the people he has met with migraine, so believes it's important to get accurate and up-to-date information about migraine out there.

"Gotta get the message in the music, like migraine is in our genes." 

Bennie loves wearing his sunglasses because "they make me feel and look really cool" but hates that he has to wear them all the time because sunlight triggers migraine attacks for him.

"I love being outside on sunny days, but sunlight really hurts my head and my eyes, so I wear my sunglasses, which really does help."

Bennie is madly in love with Bindi, and writes songs for her all the time, but Bindi says they're just friends.

Billie the Burple

Billie stands out from the other Burples due to the fact that they wear white sunglasses frames instead of the purple favoured by Bennie and Bindi. They like being different, and don't like having labels. 

Billie loves to stand out from the crowd, but first needs to find a crowd to stand out from, so is never far away from their friends Bindi and Bennie. 

“I’m proud to be a Burple but who wants to be the same as every other Burple? Not me!"

Billie is really passionate about the rarer forms of migraine, like vestibular migraine which affects people's balance, abdominal migraine which upsets the tummy, or hemiplegic migraine that causes stroke like symptoms.

"But, whether you have a funky type of migraine, or the regular headache type, remember - migraine doesn't define you. You be you."


These three are the only Burples we have met so far but they say there is more of them. Millions of them. 

Support Burple Day on the first Friday in June by wearing burgundy and purple to raise awareness of migraine.