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Building Healthy Environments for Men and Boys

MEN's health week

Building Healthy Environments for Men and Boys

This week is Men’s Health Week and this year’s theme is building healthy environments for men and boys. 



We asked men who live with migraine what they find helps them and this is what they said!


Being able to control temperature and not be too hot or too cold is definitely helpful when living with migraine.


Light is a common trigger for many with migraine. Some men said they prefer LED light, others warm coloured lighting or dimmable lights.

Ready to Cook Meals

Many of us find tasks like meal preparation very difficult to manage when living with migraine. Men said that having access to easy ready-to-cook meals is a great resource when living with migraine.

Blackout curtains or Dark Blinds

Men said that being able to block out light is an important environmental factor to be able to control to help manage migraine attacks.

Reclining Chair

Lots of people with migraine struggle to lay down during an attack so having a space where you can comfortably rest without fully laying down is a great support tool when living with migraine.

Peace and Quiet

Whether it is living somewhere quiet in the country or simply having access to noise cancelling headphones, men said that having a peaceful, low-stress living environment is very important when living with migraine.

Family Support

Finally, one of the most important factors in building a healthy environment for men and boys living with migraine is being surrounded by supportive family and friends.


Migraine Australia would like to take this opportunity to thank all the men who participated in our survey and for helping us bring migraine #OutOfTheDark

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