Why we are doing this

Migraine Australia didn't exist at the last election. And while we're not a partisan organisation and getting involved in who you vote for is not really our thing, this one time we think it's really important. We can and must get migraine on to the political agenda and Out of the Dark. Here's why...

  • We're still new and most people - and most politicians - have never heard of Migraine Australia and never given migraine much thought.  It's really important for us to get Out of the Dark and so that people who make decisions can start to take migraine seriously.
  • The entire health system is being restructured as a result of everything that's happened with the Pandemic (and some stuff that had just reached breaking point anyway, like the PBS). We need to make sure migraine is not dismissed as just a headache as part of that restructure, and that for the very first time we start to get our fair share of health resources and funding.
  • The new migraine medications are dramatically changing the landscape in terms of how we see and think about migraine. In order for the full benefit of this migraine revolution to be realised we need decision-makers to see us and hear us. Now. Not in three years, not when they get around to it, now. 
  • The efforts needed to fix the decades of neglect on all things migraine are not little. They are the kinds of huge investment that makes for major election announcements and budget centrepieces. We have to tell our leaders what we need so they can work it into their plans and policies. Once we have these big shifts sorted, then it will be much easier to get things done and support all Australians living with migraine going forward. 

We understand and appreciate that most people living with migraine will not be used to thinking about their migraine as something that matters, and may even reject the idea that migraine is something you could decide a vote on. 

We understand that many will think 'a headache' is not as important as COVID-19, the economy, or whatever Scott Morrison has done today. 

This is why we need to do this campaign. To explain to people why migraine matters. To encourage and convince people who live with migraine and their families to consider our condition as part of their vote decision. And, to make sure every party and every candidate never dismisses migraine as 'just a headache' ever again. 

We can decide this election - we have the numbers to do that, there's FIVE MILLION of us! But we have to come together as a community, make the argument, and get migraine Out of the Dark and on to the agenda. 

Read our press release on the launch of Out of the Dark

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