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Vestibular Migraine Treatment Survey

Dr Ron Granot is a neurologist in Sydney who understands that not only living with migraine can be tough but also living with a vestibular condition can be debilitating for some. You can take part in his research on Vestibular Migraine. 

In 2015 he undertook a survey of over 300 patients with Vestibular Migraine, with very interesting results on what medications and treatments did and did not help. Now that Vestibular Migraine is now being largely recognised and (hopefully) better treated, he is rerunning the survey to learn more information to help drive better insights into treating Vestibular Migraine. 

The survey is anonymous, does not collect emails or IP addresses, so you can feel reassured that all the information you provide is completely de-identified. Dr Granot will publish the results as they become available via his blog: To take part in the survey and view the results from 2015, click here:

Alicia had the pleasure of interviewing him for Migraine Awareness Month 2021 and did a deep dive into some of the specific differences between Vestibular Migraine with dizziness and vertigo, treatment methods for those with VM, and if someone suspects they have VM where can they find the necessary help. Watch the video here. 

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