Saying thanks this National Carers Week

Did you know that there are 2.65 million carers currently caring for a family member or friend? This week for National Carers Week (10-16 October), we're recognising and celebrating not just the carers we have at Migraine Australia, but all carers out there.

We spoke to one of our volunteers, Kale who cares for his wife, Annie. They have been married for 11 years.

“I have the privilege of supporting my wife. Annie is an incredibly talented musician and thrives under almost any condition,” said Kale.

“For me, caring for Annie involves making sure she feels comfortable; it’s about doing what I can to create a supportive environment around her. This may be as simple as darkening the room, making sure she has water, or keeping our puppy away while she recovers.

“As Annie works full time, there is a focus on making sure she can do that and everything else is on the ‘nice to do’ list.”

At Migraine Australia, we understand how important carers are and how migraine impacts their lives as well.

Kale tells us that being a carer is a huge learning curve. How you care for your loved one changes over time. “Sometimes we get it wrong; maybe we check in too much, or not enough; maybe we miss the cues that a migraine attack is coming on. But all of those struggles are worth it for our loved ones. We love them for who they are.”

Kale works as a security, communications and ICT consultant. He volunteers for Migraine Australia, helping with IT and systems. 

Kale became a Migraine Australia volunteer so he could contribute to something that would support his wife. “Being a carer can make you feel helpless at times, so this is one way I am able to give back.” 

Thank you Kale and all the carers out there. We don’t know where we’d be without you!

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