How many more people have been diagnosed with migraine because of COVID-19?

One of Migraine Australia's greatest fears is a migraine pandemic to follow the COVID-19 pandemic. It's a fear that could well become reality.  Continue reading

COVID-19 will end. Migraine will always be with us.

The pandemic will end. This is inevitable. There will be a long tail to the crisis, with other health complaints that haven’t been well managed during the pandemic and the complications, consequences and long covid adding to the chronic health burden across the world, but the crisis itself will end.  Continue reading

It's time to end the stigma of migraine

Migraine is not ‘just a headache’; it’s not even a ‘bad headache’. And yet you can be confident that Google, and most dictionaries, will serve up this definition for any search.  The definition is problematic. Continue reading

It's time for a migraine Centre for Research Excellence

Research is essential. It helps us find answers to the unknown. Unfortunately, due to severe lack of funding, there is little research on migraine. We need to change this. We need to bring migraine out of the dark. We need a Centre for Research Excellence in migraine. Continue reading

It's time for a national migraine strategy

It's time we had a national strategy to manage migraine. A national strategy provides a nationally coordinated strategic framework to tackle a big problem - and there aren't many problems bigger than migraine.  Continue reading

Why we are doing this

Migraine Australia didn't exist at the last election. And while we're not a partisan organisation and getting involved in who you vote for is not really our thing, this one time we think it's really important. We can and must get migraine on to the political agenda and Out of the Dark. Here's why... Continue reading

Welcome to the Out of the Dark blog

Welcome to the Out of the Dark Blog.  We're asking for a lot of things and we have a long list of reasons to want them. So on this blog we'll break it all down into bite sized pieces to make it easier to understand. Check back each week for new posts, as well as any updates or responses from candidates and parties!