October 2021 Newsletter

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Welcome to the October issue of the Migraine Australia newsletter.

Saying thanks this National Carers Week

Did you know that there are 2.65 million carers currently caring for a family member or friend? For National Carers Week (10-16 October), we're recognising and celebrating not just the carers we have at Migraine Australia, but all carers out there.

We spoke to one of our volunteers, Kale who cares for his wife, Annie. They have been married for 11 years.

“I have the privilege of supporting my wife. Annie is an incredibly talented musician and thrives under almost any condition,” said Kale.

“For me, caring for Annie involves making sure she feels comfortable; it’s about doing what I can to create a supportive environment around her. This may be as simple as darkening the room, making sure she has water, or keeping our puppy away while she recovers.

“As Annie works full time, there is a focus on making sure she can do that and everything else is on the ‘nice to do’ list.”

Read more on the website.

New on the blog: How to avoid a trip to the ED

As both Sydney and Melbourne hospital systems come under strain, there's a bunch of things you can try before going to emergency for help.

Read our new blog on the website here.

New device to treat migraine

The migraine treatment device Nerivio has just been licenced in Australia and will be available over the counter like a Cefaly device. Nerivio, is an innovative FDA-authorized, non-invasive, smartphone-operated, prescribed wearable for the acute treatment of migraine in patients 12 years of age or older.

So how does it work? Nerivio stimulates small nerves in the upper arm. The message from the arm is received by a brainstem pain regulation center that can inhibit pain signals by releasing neurotransmitters, resulting in significant pain relief which can end the migraine attack.

Full details will be on our website soon! In the meantime, read the review from Migraine Australia Ambassador Grace Adams here.

Introducing a new member only benefit

In the coming weeks, advocacy will become a 'Member Only' benefit. Membership is only $5 a year and provides you with the following:
  • Assistance in lodging complaints, reporting adverse events, or resolving issues in the health system
  • One-on-one advice and support when in migraine crisis
  • Supporting you in understanding and navigating the complicated systems to access new migraine medications

There's so many great advocacy stories to share! Just recently, we helped a member get quicker access to Botox appointments. After being pushed back by three months, we stepped in and advocated on their behalf, resulting in the appointment being scheduled within two weeks of it's original date.

If you're unable to pay $5 a year, you can volunteer for Migraine Australia and receive membership for free.

Migraine included in the National Health Survey

For the first time, migraine will have its own section in the National Health Survey run every few years by the ABS. This new section will ask about triptan use and whether those triptans were obtained over the counter or on prescription.

The survey has historically not recorded good data on migraine, so this is a big step forward. Migraine prevalence is recorded in another question asking about conditions that last more than six months - and as you know, most people don’t think of their ‘migraines’ as a chronic health condition they have the whole time, so the rate of migraine is always under-reported.

If you are asked to participate in the National Health Study, please say yes! And be sure to say yes to having other longer term health conditions that last for more than six months, so you can say you have migraine.

Medication update

  • Quilipta (Atogepant) has been FDA approved.

Quilipta is another gepant class medication targeting the CGRP receptor - but this one was developed as a preventative. This is a really good option for those who would prefer a tablet to injected medications, with very similar numbers of over 50 per cent experiencing a 50 per cent reduction in attack frequency and around a quarter of people being super-responders with complete or near complete freedom from migraine attack. It is available in three dosage strengths giving some flexibility to management as well.

Learn more about other drugs and their status on the website.

Support groups

Interested in being a moderator for your local support group? We have introduced moderators to work alongside ambassadors to help approve social posts and new members. Email our Director of Support for more information.

Don't forget there a various support groups available for you to join:

  • Our supportive migraine community understands life with migraine. Ask questions, learn more about migraine and join a group of Australians that just get it. Find the Migraine Australia Chat Group here.

  • By men, for men. Our Men with Migraine Support Group is for Australian men of all ages who experience migraine. Join here.

  • Migraine in children and teens can be an emotional journey for parents and carers. Share support and advice in our Migraine Family and Friends Support Group.

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