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Migraine World Summit

The Migraine World Summit is back
March 8-16, 2023 for its 8th annual virtual event!

Join us as over 130,000 viewers living with migraine uncover the latest and greatest research on how to best manage migraine, straight from leading medical experts. Don’t miss this free event that could change your life.

What is the Migraine World Summit?

It’s a 9-day event where 32 of the world’s leading experts on migraine and headache research are interviewed on topics voted on by real patients. These interviews are online and can be accessed from anywhere in the world, but are only available free during the 9-day event. 

Get your ticket today! 



Please note: This message contains an affiliate link. The event is free to watch live. If you decide to purchase a copy of the interviews, we may receive a portion of the proceeds to help us continue our important work in migraine and headache advocacy.