Emgality and Ajovy back to PBAC again

As mentioned in last week's Facebook live, Emgality and Ajovy are both back on the PBAC agenda for the March 2022 meeting to widen the eligibility for people to access them on the PBS. You can help!

PBAC stands for Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee - they are the body who decides what medications go on the PBS. At their March meeting, Lilly is trying to get PBS access to Emgality for high frequency episodic patients - 8 migraine days a month or more. This is great news for all of us that don't experience significant headache, because the reference to headache days is gone, it's just migraine days. 

Teva is applying for PBS coverage of the Ajovy injector pen (as well as the syringe) and for quarterly dosing, which was bizarrely poo-poohed by the PBAC in their previous assessment. 

As out last submission to PBAC was very extensive, and so many of you had already made comments, we checked with PBAC to find out what would be useful to the committee in their deliberations. 

They have confirmed all your previous submissions are on file and will be referenced again. They advised they would really like to hear from anyone currently getting benefit from using Ajovy or Emgality that would qualify under this proposed new criteria of 8+ migraine days, but don't meet the current restrictions of 15+ headache days. 

And of course, if you prefer the quarterly dosing for Ajovy, or don't like the syringe and want to use the auto-injector, you should take your opportunity to say so!

Make your voice heard on your need for access to these new medications by making your own submission to PBAC! Here's how:

  1. Go to the submission form on the Department of Health website https://www1.health.gov.au/internet/main/publishing.nsf/Content/PBAC_online_submission_form 
  2. Select GALCANEZUMAB - EMGALITY or FREMANEZUMAB - AJOVY. Note: Ajovy is on the list twice, so just make sure you've got the right one for the quarterly dosing or auto-injector. (If you want to comment on both, you can just pick one.)
  3. Select 'individual' and enter your contact details.
  4. In the declaration and consumer interest boxes, put 'someone living with migraine'. If you are currently taking Emgality, Ajovy, or another CGRP medication, put that in too.
    If you are a friend or family member of someone living with migraine, put that in the declaration box, and leave the consumer interest box empty.
  5. In the 'what comments would you like to make...' box tell your story of how much migraine affects your life and why you want Emgality, or the alternative formulations of Ajovy, on the PBS. Tell them what CGRPs you have tried so far and whether it worked or not for you. Don't hold back or try and be formal - tell them how debilitating migraine is, how much it affects your family, and if you have had success with Emgality or Ajovy (or Aimovig), what a difference it has made.
  6. In the 'where did you learn about this' box put 'Migraine Australia'.
  7. Check the terms and conditions box and click submit.


We won't know the results of the meeting until April.

Migraine Australia will also be making a submission as an organisation, which will be a brief update of anything not covered in our huge submission from 18 months ago. We do understand the anxiety of those who are currently paying beyond what they can afford, or have had to stop taking it because they can't afford it, even though they had great results. If you are in that position, be sure to include that in your submission.

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